Our mission is to develop and commercialise processes that transform waste into valuable products, moving us from our current linear 'take, make, waste' economy to a circular 'retake, remake, restore' economy.


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There is a lot of plaster waste that comes out of the construction industry which is being lost to landfill or incineration. Plaster can be endlessly recycled by a process called calcination.  Local plasterers fill our empty buckets with their excess material for us to collect. This saves them disposal costs and they enjoy seeing their waste being used instead of dumped. We have set up a small factory that processes this waste material into a strong and hard plaster. We then add water, mix and pour into moulds to create our products.


Marten van Leeuwen

Born in the Netherlands, brought up in New Zealand and now residing in Antwerp. 

 When I worked in the waste industry, I was blown away at how much we throw away. I decided to use my engineering background to develop a process that has a positive impact. 

I believe that by designing with good intentions, we can achieve more harmony between human progression and the health of our environment.

Marten van Leeuwen